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Who Is This Webinar For?
Time is so valuable, so we want to make sure you're right for this webinar so we don't waste your time. 

If you’re just getting into real estate investing or you’ve got just a few deals under your belt, this webinar will help you win more with less risk. 
Learn (and LOVE) the $truggle
Most likely, you're going to get messy, pull out your hair and punch holes in walls but get rich in the process. From the streets to the bank, learn how these four real estate investors have made their millions the old-school way. Blood, Sweat and a lot of tissues.
Wednesday, October 19 at 6:00 pm
Webinar Starts In:
Michael Geraci
NY Managing Broker for eXp Realty
Michael Geraci is a lifelong Brooklyn resident with more than 18 years of knowledge and experience in NYC Real Estate. Throughout his career he has worked with homeowners and buyers providing the highest quality of customer service through hundreds of transactions. He has also helped develop the careers of hundreds of real estate agents through management, training, and coaching. As a result, Michael has built an extensive network of professionals both on a local, and a National level. Michael is also a landlord, and has owned multi family property.
What to buy?
  • Identifying Fix & Flip and Build & Hold opportunities
  • ​Working with professionals and mentors that have success in real estate investing
  • Understanding the silent long-term power that investing in real estate has and that seasoned investors love 
Ryan Riddle
Partner at Cliffco Mortgage
Ryan Riddle is a partner at Cliffco Mortgage Bankers. Originally starting in the hospitality industry, after securing a handful of mortgages for his real estate investing projects, he decided to try the mortgage business. Within only four years he has built a seven figure mortgage business that has one the highest individual and team sales production in New York. He’s a partner at Cliffco Mortgage Bankers, helping homeowners and real estate investors since 1989.
Secrets of Financing 
  • The power of delayed financing
  • ​Fix and Flip loans
  • Financing short-term rentals (AirBNB, VRBO …)
  • ​Loans for first time investors
Jordan S. Linn, Esq.
Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP
Jordan Linn is a partner in Tannenbaum Helpern’s Trusts and Estates (T&E) practice. With more than 20 years of T&E experience, Jordan brings a wealth of knowledge and sophisticated legal counsel to his clients.
Protecting Your Investments and Capital
  • Setting up the right structure for your real estate empire (one or 100 properties)
  • ​How to protect from lawsuits, creditors and other predators
  • Basics of estate planning for real estate investors
Garrett Guttenberg, JD
Executive Vice President
Denis Miller Insurance Agency
Garrett graduated law school in 2012 saddled with $250k in school loans. It took him two real estate flips to pay off that debt. He never looked back amassing a $15M+ real estate portfolio in under a decade. Garrett leveraged his education in finance and law to master the insurance business. Growing up the son of a builder he knew the construction game well. With a little bit of grit and a powerful network of mentors he rolled up his sleeves and made it happen.
Managing Risks Without Sacrificing Rewards
  • Insurance: What, when and why?
  • ​What do you need in reserves?
  • When to use Contractors and when to fix it yourself
  •  Picking tenants that don’t suck
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